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Meet Knit 'n Style
Knit 'n Style is a perfect-bound bi-monthly publication that inspires beginner to expert knitters with a wide range of "knit me" projects, in styles ranging from classic to contemporary. Knitters are inspired by glossy, full-color photography and a project format that features the latest yarns and fibers from international fashion runways. Trendsetting knitwear projects are provided for women, men, and children. Product introductions and technique articles actively inspire readers to try new products and to apply new techniques to their projects.

Knit 'n Style is published six times a year, and is sold via subscription, on newsstands, and in craft and yarn shops. Knit 'n Style reaches a broad market, ranging from mature, sophisticated knitters to youthful, trendy hobbyists with emerging fiber craft interests.

We Know Our Readers
The editor and marketing staff at Knit 'n Style keep in touch with readers at shows and markets and via email. This allows us to constantly refine our magazine to directly reflect the passions and fill the creative needs of people who share our interests. Because Knit 'n Style is a niche publication, we have been able to establish greater reader involvement than many generalist titles.

Our readers are active knitters and/or fiber artists—truly an involved and focused market. Readership is mostly female and is looking for innovative ideas and products to enhance their projects.

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As Knit 'n Style contains specialized content, we capture a highly engaged readership. For advertisers, this means a direct (and very efficient) connection to a target market when it is at its most receptive.

When you place an ad with Knit 'n Style , you can feel confident in knowing that your message is being read by people who have an active interest in and passion for knitting and/or fiber art.

We offer a variety of print display ad sizes to help you meet your objectives and create brand awareness. Each issue of Knit 'n Style includes classifieds and the 'n Style Marketplace, which highlights a specific shop or company. We also offer advertising on our website—because our website is viewable on smart phones and tablets, your ads are accessible any time and any place!

Let us customize an advertising package for your company. Contact Victor Domine (our knit advertising manager) at vdomine@allamericancrafts.com or 973-347-6900 ext. 114.

2013 Advertising Schedule

Cover Date Space Reservation Ad Materials Due On Sale
April 2013 11/06/12 11/20/12 01/22/13
June 2013 01/10/13 01/24/13 03/19/13
August 2013 03/13/13 03/27/13 05/21/13
October 2013 05/16/13 05/30/13 07/23/13
December 2013 07/18/13 08/01/13 09/24/13
February 2014 09/12/13 09/26/13 11/19/13

2014 Advertising Schedule

Cover Date Issue Focus Space Reservation Ad Materials Due On Sale
April 2014 Spring Fashion Forecast 11/05/13 11/19/13 01/20/14
June 2014 Summer Style 01/9/14 01/23/14 03/18/14
August 2014 Getting Ready for Fall 03/12/14 03/26/14 05/20/14
October 2014 Fall/Winter Fashion Forecast 05/16/14 05/29/14 07/22/14
December 2014 Holiday Gift Guide & Gifts to Make 07/17/14 07/31/14 09/23/14
February 2015 The Winter Issue 09/11/14 09/25/14 11/18/14

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