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What's in this Issue of Knit 'N Style february cover
April 2007

Have you noticed the days are getting longer? I love to watch for the signs of the incoming season – the first crocus, the first robin, the first day of spring. While you anticipate the daffodils and wait for the return of the green lawn, what about your fashion wardrobe? Does it need a change as well? We can help.

Eleonora Natili, our brilliant fashion reporter from New York, has attended the runway shows and brings us her spring fashion forecast. Knits are turning into year round wear. They are not just for one season anymore. She has the latest on all the fashion trends in knits direct from the fashion houses.

Most fair isle designs look complicated but are really worked with using only two different colors of fiber on each row. Margaret Radcliffe will teach you how to knit each row with two colors: one is worked in your right hand, and the other is worked in your left. Lots of great step by step photos to show you how she does it.

We have 35 projects for you to choose from in this issue – Enjoy!

Spring 2007 Fashion Forecast:
Knits Take Center Stage for Spring

Get to Know:
Ironstone Yarns

‘N Style Workshop:
Two-Handed, Two-Color Knitting

Runway Highlights
Knit & Crochet Springtime Jackets
Hiking Vest
Bamboo Bow Cardigan
Laurel Seamless Cardigan
Cabled Cardigan
Shelter Island Tank Top
Ying Yang Bolero
Brick & Mortar
Sun & Sky Draped Jacket
Quilted Surface Jacket
Zermatt Swirl
Shire Silk Vest
Long Tunic Vest
Chevron Shawl
Seed & Eyelet Pullover
Independence Top
East Meets West
Wrap with Collar
Trillium Jacket
Bamba Beauty
Spring Fling
Butterfly Top with Shrug
Betsey Jacket
Deep V-Neck Pullover
Personally Yours
Flower Garden Sweater
Toddler Summer Jumper
Sweet Pea
Bead Knitted Bride’s Reticule
Cell Phone Holder

Springtime Jacket Laurel seamless cardigan
Shire Silk Vest Seed and Eyelet Pullover

Photos of projects in this issue: photos

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